You need protection from the elements. If it’s not the oppressive Austin sun, then it’s the massive insects that can creep into your home. Don’t let yourself be vulnerable to the outside world. Keep you, your family, and your home safe.

Weather Protection

The shades and awnings from Shading Texas can block up to 80% of all UV light coming into the home. This can help not only you and your bills, but extend the life of any sun-facing furniture as well.

Additionally, our all-in-one solution screens serve as both sun shades and weather protection. These screens can help relegate cold weather out of your home.

We’ve also partnered with Sunbrella® to bring you a variety of shades and screens that can match your needs. Our motorized retractable awnings and screens can give you the protection from the sun that you shouldn’t live without.

Products that offer Weather Protection:

Insect Protection

For protection from insects and mosquitos, you can’t do better than our screens. You can customize your own mosquito screen to better suit your needs. We have screens ranging from light and open models to dense insect screens made for maximum protection.

When you’re done being outside, simply retract the garage door screen by using the Somfy myLink app on your phone. The screen retracts, keeping it safe during inclement weather so you can be protected longer.

Products that offer Insect Protection:

Protect Yourself Now

Shield yourself from the barrage of mosquitos, UV rays, and more with Shading Texas. Serving the greater Austin area, our team can provide you with free, on-site estimates to give you the defense your home needs from the outside world. Call us today at (512)264-1500.