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    FREE Somfy TaHoma Upgrade ($550 Value) Compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant

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    Georgetown Patio Shades

    Transform your patio into a more comfortable space with Shading Texas. We outfit homes in Georgetown with sun shades that will allow you to enjoy your patio any time of day and year.

    Our sun shades are mesh sheets that roll downward to block sunlight. We design our sheets to block up to 95% of inbound sunlight while allowing as much as 95% outward visibility. Use our shades to cool off your patio, prevent glares and even boost your home interior’s energy efficiency. Then, lift the shades with the automatic opener for an unencumbered view of your yard.

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    Cool Outdoor Spaces

    Spending time on the patio is glorious when the air feels cool. If the blazing Georgetown sun is keeping you indoors, cool things off with a sun shade. Our sun shades can make your patio feel 20-30 degrees cooler by filtering the sun’s ultraviolet rays. With Shading Texas, you can enjoy your outdoor space even on the most sweltering days.

    Glare-Free Sunsets and Sunrises

    As the sun rises and sets, its rays peek under your patio’s roof. Our sun shades can prevent morning and evening glare. With Shading Texas solutions, you can enjoy your morning cup of coffee or evening glass of wine while comfortably looking out at your yard. We design shades at various opacity levels, so collaborate with us to plan a sun shade for your light-blocking needs.

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    Motorized Patio Shades

    Our patio shades open and close automatically thanks to a motorized operation system. Each shade attaches to a motor and a set of aluminum tracks that enable quick and smooth operation. We’ll provide a simple remote control with buttons to open or close your shades. Activate one shade at a time or engage them simultaneously as you desire. These shades are also compatible with smartphones and tablets for convenient remote control.

    Privacy While Outdoors

    Our shades allow you to see out while preventing light from getting in. As a result, you’ll maintain visibility of your yard while enjoying privacy behind a dark outdoor curtain. Nosy neighbors will have nothing to see, while you’ll maintain the same beloved view from your patio.

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    Outdoor Solutions for Indoor Efficiency

    The beating Georgetown sun makes your home’s interior warmer when its rays pound against the side of your house or windows. A solar shade can help you maintain comfortable indoor temperatures while boosting your air conditioner’s efficiency.

    Pest Prevention

    Our solar shades block pests, too. Each shade provides complete coverage from the patio’s roof down to the floor, preventing flies, mosquitos, birds and other pests from entering. With our solar shades, you’ll feel comfortable outside as humidity rises knowing there’s an effective barrier between you and the biting bugs.

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    Choosing the Right Outdoor Patio Shades and Screens

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    Shading Texas is the trusted source of solar shades for homes in Georgetown. Our shades offer the sun-blocking performance you need and feature components that last. We offer a lifetime warranty for tracks, 10 years for fabric and five years for motors. For more on patio shade installation in Georgetown, contact us online today!


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