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Sun shades

Solar screens, also known as sun shades or sun screens, can be used on your patio, deck, or windows. The screens are specially woven fabric to protect your home from the sun’s heat and dangerous ultraviolet rays.

If you’re looking to beat the Austin heat from the comfort of your home, give a solar screen from Shading Texas a try.

Why set up Solar Screens in Austin?

It goes unsaid that Austin gets a lot of sunshine. With so many sun solutions on the market, how do you know what’s best for your home? Consider these unbeatable perks of installing a shade screen:

Weather Resistance Sun Shade

The fabrics that comprise our screens resist Austin’s weather and the stresses of heat and cold. That means that no matter the time of year or the weather, your screens are ready to protect you from the elements. Enjoy the sound of falling rain or catch a storm rolling through Austin from the safety of your patio. Sip coffee in the sun or soak up a cold front. You can do it all with a Shading Texas solar screen.

The solar screens we offer are also high-tension to create a rigid shape that doesn’t bend with the wind. The fabric’s weave is made for maximum support and the fibers are all of the highest quality. The Mermet fiberglass screen far exceeds the durability of standard polyester. Also, take advantage of our powder-coated extruded aluminum that is ready to ward off even the most inclement weather.

Austin’s Best Sun Protection

All of our screens furnish your home and outdoor areas with sun protection that is simply unmatched. Our shades can go up to 30′ wide with no seams or breaks – wider than any other shading company in the Austin area. If you’re looking for shelter on a small scale or you want to go big, Shading Texas has options.

Solar Screens & Sun Shades offer protection in four ways:
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1. Quality shading controls the amount of light let into your home or patio.

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2. The privacy provided by these shades is unparalleled.

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3. Shades offer protection from damaging effects of ultraviolet rays.

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4. They help regulate the temperature in and around your home.

Find Perfect Shade With Our Solar Screens

Solar screens placed on the windows of your house keep your home cool in the sweltering Austin heat. The shade eases the burden on your air conditioning, lowering your energy use and keeping your bills minimal. They also let you enjoy natural light without having to shut out the sun with blinds and replace it with artificial light. Patio shades can help protect your patio or deck from the sun’s deteriorating rays by blocking out 80% of the sun’s rays.

Keep UV rays that can damage you and your home outside with the help of Shading Texas. Harness the power of natural light, cool your home, and help it last longer with a weather-resistant shade screen.

House with Sun shades on Windows

Are You Ready to Get Your New Solar Screens Installed?

Contact Shading Texas for your Austin sun shade needs. Our team is standing by to help you get the best options available for your shade needs.

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Our solar screens are great at keeping homes cool and save on energy costs, but they are capable of so much more. They can also cover your patio or deck to open up areas of your home that are too hot or too bright to use. Take in the Austin breeze during the heat of the day with screens that let in the perfect amount of light along with a pleasant wind. Don’t stay stuck inside – get your outdoor areas covered and start relaxing outside with the help of your Shading Texas sun shade.

These sun shades are also great for keeping businesses cool. Raise productivity and lower overhead costs by putting in some sun shades at your company. Artificial lighting in a typical building comprises up to 40 percent of the energy used. Turning those lights off and letting in the natural light reduces strain on the eyes and eliminates glare from reflective surfaces. Reduced bodily stress combined with more comfortable temperatures means more energy for your employees and less energy on your bills.

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When Austin weather gets to be harsh, you can retract your solar screens to prolong their life. Motorization lets you decide when to take advantage of your protection and when to keep them secure.

Shading Texas also has home automation options and timers that can lower and raise the screen shades at different times. Optimize your screens for the best shade possible – when you want it.


Shading Texas boasts the most effective privacy solar screens in the Austin area. If you want to keep onlookers at bay, a retractable privacy wall may be just what you need. A privacy screen from Shading Texas renders its protected area completely invisible day or night, depending on the openness of the fabric. Take back your privacy and get the most out of your Austin home with a retractable privacy screen.

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Fabric Sample - Sun Shade

Customizable Sun Shades in Austin, Texas

Our sun shades in Austin come in a wide variety of configurations to complement any home, and we’ll be happy to help you find a style selected to match your home. You can choose what fits the look of your Austin home best and customize the color of your screen’s framework. For the frames, you can choose to apply durable powder coating in a wide range of colors or select a natural wood grain appearance made to resemble one of the multiple different species of wood.

Screens for our Austin, Texas, motorized sun shades come in an attractive set of natural and earth tones. Custom color-matching is also available to create screens that match virtually any home decor or exterior. Whether you want screens that blend in or provide a contrast that adds character and curb appeal to your home, we will help you create the exact personalized look you want.

You can also choose from several fabrics with varying densities to let in as little or as much Austin sunlight as you like. All of our fabrics can protect you from the sun, but they’ll also create a wall of privacy between you and your neighbors while blocking pesky insects from getting inside. Our screens keep the outside out but allow excellent visibility from the inside, keeping your view intact. Whatever your protection needs, you can be sure that you’re getting the solution that fits your needs perfectly.

What Is the Process for Ordering Sun Shades?

At Shading Texas, we make it easy to reduce your cooling costs, protect your property, and escape from the heat. We designed our entire ordering and installation process so that you never have to leave your home. From start to finish, we will schedule all of our services at times most convenient for you. To order sun shades for your home:

  • Request an estimate: When you request an estimate, we’ll come to you. Our experts will measure your spaces, review your options, and help you find custom sun shades that meet all of your goals. Once we have all the necessary information, we can provide you with a personalized Austin, Texas, sunshade motorization estimate. If you would like to start enjoying the benefit of more shade, we will schedule your installation.
  • Installation: In most cases, customized sun shades are ready for installation within two weeks. Installation times vary by home, but most installations are complete within a single day. We use our own installation teams too, which means you can trust the people working in your home. We will keep our work area safe, clean, and professional from the moment we arrive all the way to your product demonstration at the end.
  • Ongoing care: Our screens require minimal maintenance to continue working as designed. To keep yours looking and operating at their best, keep them retracted until you’re ready to use them. Clean your screen and the frame with soap and water, and make sure the tracks are clear of debris. Lubricate your components with a silicone spray, and always allow your screens to dry before you roll them up.

Think That’s Good? Check out Our Warranty!
We guarantee all of our products because we believe in them. Mermet also offers a 10-year warranty on their fabrics, and we offer a lifetime warranty on our frames. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another warranty as comprehensive as ours.

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Start Blocking out the Sun With Our Austin, Texas Motorized Sun Shades

At Shading Texas, we are the leading sunshade dealer in Austin, Texas, and we also provide service to the greater Houston and San Antonio areas. If you’re ready to start spending more time in the shade, request an in-home estimate today. To learn more about Austin, Texas, motorized sun shades, please call us at 512-456-3854 or fill out our contact form and find out how Shading Texas can keep you protected and save you money.

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