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    FREE Somfy TaHoma Upgrade ($550 Value) Compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant

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    Patio Shades in Marble Falls, TX

    Imagine enjoying fresh, cool outdoor air in a perfectly-lit and private environment. Shading Texas offers you complete control over your outdoor space with premium patio shades.

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    Get Shelter From the Elements With Our Marble Falls Patio Shades

    Shading Texas’s shades are weather-resistant. By keeping the elements at bay, you can enjoy quality outdoor time in a tranquil environment. We’ve partnered with Mermet to offer durable fiberglass shades that are much sturdier than everyday polyester shades — these rigid shades with aluminum frames do not bend in the wind.

    Our shades offer excellent protection from harmful and bright UV light, as they can keep more than 80% of sun rays from shining into your patio — offering you a safe and cool outdoor space.

    On top of that, we offer lifetime warranties for our frames, and our partners at Mermet offer a 10-year warranty on their durable fabrics.

    The Benefits of Shading Texas's Outdoor Patio Shades

    Choosing patio shades from Shading Texas unlocks a wave of benefits as these shades are:

    • Versatile: Our patio shades are fully customizable and can control lighting and temperatures in outdoor areas like patios, decks and business settings. With our array of fabrics and sizes, you can select shades that perfectly fit your environment.
    • Economical: Our shades let you enjoy natural light without relying heavily on artificial lighting and can help lower temperatures, effectively reducing cooling costs.
    • Retractable: Smooth motorization allows you to open and close your patio shades with a click of a button. Our shading systems also offer automation options, allowing your shades to lower and raise automatically according to set times.

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    Enjoy Your Privacy

    Our patio shades offer secluded serenity. Apart from keeping the elements at bay, these shades keep neighbors’ wandering eyes away, as the thick shades allow for privacy. Depending on the kind of material you choose, your shades can offer complete invisibility during the day and evening. Whether you choose dense shades or not, Shading Texas’s patio shades do not compromise your view.

    Personalize Your Patio

    Shading Texas offers stylish shading solutions to complement your style. You can adjust the shades to your liking and compliment the character of your home or business property. We’ll apply a durable coating to your frames and offer these coatings in a wide selection of colors. For a more natural look, opt for a frame that resembles wood.

    Whether you want a natural aesthetic or shades that offer a pop of color, we’ll find a perfect fabric match for your property from our extensive library of fabrics. Our materials also allow you to control your lighting by choosing a fabric density that allows for the perfect amount of sunlight.

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    Schedule a Complimentary On-Site Consultation

    To understand the quality of our patio shades, you have to experience our products. When you book a free consultation, one of our friendly staff members will provide shade swatches and all the necessary information you need to make the best choice for your outdoor space.

    Book a free consultation today if you’re ready to take the next step. For more information about our products and services, feel free to call us at 737-232-3686.


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