Motorized Outdoor Roller Shades in Austin & San Antonio

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Motorized Outdoor Roller Shades in Austin and San Antonio

If you dream of expanding your living space by making your outdoor deck, patio or porch a more comfortable place to be, Shading Texas has the solution. Our outdoor roller shades help homeowners enjoy more time outdoors during Texas’ hot summers. Get in touch to learn how an exterior roller shade can make a difference at your home.

5 Reasons to Install Exterior Roller Shades

Everyone could use a little more time outdoors, so having a comfortable porch, patio or deck at your Texas home is a major plus. The only problem is that the sun beats down all day, causing many homeowners to cut their outdoor relaxation sessions short. Add in other factors like bugs and privacy concerns, and suddenly, you’re using your outdoor space less often than you’d like to. Here’s how retractable outdoor shades can help:

  • Temperature control: Shades can reduce temperatures by up to 30 degrees in the summer and retain heat in the winter.
  • Glare prevention: You can enjoy looking out at your yard without the sun hurting your eyes.
  • Pest control: Say goodbye to the bugs and birds that fly through your porch’s opening with outdoor roller shades.
  • Outdoor privacy: We’ll equip you with a tinted shade that you can see through from the inside but not the outside.
  • Energy savings: Shades insulate homes against the Texas sun for greater air conditioning efficiency.

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Our Retractable Outdoor Shades

Shading Texas has an exterior roller shade for any home. The Mermet’s Fiberglass fabrics we use are available in numerous colors, so you can choose the one that complements your home. We’ll also help you choose the right opacity for your needs. What’s more, our shades reach as wide as 25 feet for optimal wind performance and tension.

Motorized Patio Roller Shades

When you choose Shading Texas, we can include a motor that automatically raises and lowers your retractable shade. You’ll operate your motorized roller shade with a remote control or through a convenient smartphone app.

Why Shading Texas?

At Shading Texas, we know how valuable a comfortable outdoor living space can be. That’s why we ensure every customer’s roller shade serves its purpose now and years down the line. Count on us for:

  • Quality materials: We use premier fabrics, durable casings and strong tension tracks so that each shade holds up year after year.
  • Personalization: Our customization options will ensure your shade looks great against your home.
  • Great look: The tension tracks prevent wrinkles for an orderly appearance all the time.
  • Remote control: You can activate or retract your shades at will for complete control over your comfort.
  • Warranty: Our products come with dependable manufacturer warranties, and we provide our own five-year warranty on all installations.

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Shading Texas has over 40 years of experience installing exterior shades in Austin and San Antonio, Texas. We’re ready to collaborate with you to perfect your outdoor space. Countless days of comfortable outdoor relaxation are only a phone call or email away, so contact us online today!

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