Retractable Awnings in Marble Falls, Texas

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    FREE Somfy TaHoma Upgrade ($550 Value) Compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant

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    Retractable Awnings in Marble Falls, Texas

    Imagine sitting outside and enjoying nature’s beauty without worrying about the sweltering sun. Shading Texas provides durable retractable awnings that offer maximum shade and complement the character of your home.

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    Choose Beautiful Fabric for Awnings in Marble Falls

    Shading Texas has partnered with Sunbrella to offer an extensive library of durable fabrics in various colors and patterns — offering you ultimate design flexibility. The perfect awning canvas can provide shelter and style.

    We use fabric that lasts. With Marble Fall’s windy winters and sweltering summers, you want a fabric that can withstand extreme weather conditions.

    Patched-up awnings are beneath our caliber. When you work with Shading Texas, we’ll ensure your large retractable awnings are seamless. With an extensive range of extra-wide materials, we’ve got you completely covered.

    Select Suitable Frames for Awnings in Marble Falls

    Our masterful technicians can advise on the best frame for your retractable awnings. We can attach your durable metal frame in various locations to provide strong support. We offer the following awning brackets:

    • Roof brackets: We can attach retractable awnings directly to the roof for properties with a low height and a tight space between doors, windows and the roof.
    • Wall brackets: These popular brackets offer maximum versatility.
    • Bay brackets: If you want to add some shade in front of your bay windows, we’ll attach brackets to your bay windows for sturdy support.

    After we’ve rigorously tested your awnings, our technicians will attach your brackets and sturdily install your retractable awnings in as little as two hours.

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    Easily Operate Your Marble Falls Awnings

    Unfurl your awnings without a sweat. Shading Texas has partnered with Somfy to offer seamless awning automation. Somfy has been manufacturing motors for more than 50 years, and people all over the world use their products. You’ll receive a remote to control your shading preferences, and you can also open and shut your awnings via Somfy’s smartphone app, myLink™, which is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

    So you enjoy your outdoor experience for years to come, Shading Texas is committed to protecting your awnings. We’ll attach wind motor sensors to your awnings to safeguard your product from strong Texas winds. High wind speeds will trigger the sensor, causing the awnings to retract automatically.

    Shading Texas Offers World-Class Warranties

    Shading Texas stands behind our products and services, and we take our customers’ experiences very personally and boast an impressive list of happy clients. When you trust us with your awning project, we’ll offer you the best products, and with superb warranties, we also provide peace of mind. Your awning frame comes with a lifetime warranty, whether you choose roof, wall or bay brackets. No matter what kind of frame you choose, you’re covered.

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    Schedule Installation

    If you’re ready to install a retractable awning over your deck, Shading Texas can help. We’re happy to collaborate with you on a retractable awning design that complements your home. For more information or to schedule installation, contact us online today!


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