In 2015 alone, there were almost 800,000 property crimes in Texas1.

There are many factors that contribute to this shocking statistic, including poor home security. When it comes to your property, you cannot put a price on privacy and security.

Shading Texas’ unique line of home security and privacy products will help deter prying eyes and nosy neighbors. Divert those eyes and feel safe in your own home with our line of products.


Secure your property with Shading Texas’s aluminum security shutters. Our shutters unfurl over your windows and doors, providing a secure barrier to keep your home locked tight. Each model is insulated with polyurethane, providing a thick layer for enhanced protection. These shutters can withstand hail and high winds during hurricane season.

We have a variety of security shutters ranging all the way up to Max-Security, which are 300% stronger than our average shutters. And, when you’re feeling a bit more open, you can retract your shutters using your smartphone.

Products that offer Security:

Shading and Screens

Our sun shades and screens create serene privacy without the harsh appearance of aluminum shutters. Our patio screens use specially woven fabrics to help block out people that might be looking in. With privacy sun shades, your home is safe while also looking welcoming for friends and family.

We work exclusively with Mermet®, who provide top of the line fiberglass screens designed to resist the unpredictable Texas weather. For added protection, each sun shade is treated with powder-coated extruded aluminum to withstand high winds and tough sun.

When you want to let a little sun in, simply open your smartphone app and retract the shade. Choose how you want your privacy with our line of sun shades.

Secure Your Home Today

Schedule a free on-site estimate with Shading Texas. Our team will bring out samples of all of our products, then give you an individualized quote best suited for your privacy. Together, we can decide the best way to make your home safe and secure. Call now at 512-456-3854 to get your free estimate from our team.

1. 775,392 property crimes —