Pergolas in Austin, TX, by StruXure

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    Pergolas in Austin, TX, by StruXure

    When the Texas heat becomes too much but you don’t want to go inside, a pergola provides the perfect solution. It offers shade and protects you from the sun’s damaging rays, ensuring more relaxing days spent outside.

    Why Use a Pergola in Austin, TX?

    It’s hot almost year-round in Texas, but you still want to be outside. You enjoy watching the kids play in the yard and sharing time with neighbors at a barbecue. Instead of running indoors when it gets too hot, you can use a pergola to shield yourself and make it easier to enjoy outdoor time. Pergolas offer many benefits to Austin residents, including:

    • Value: Adding a pergola to your backyard increases your home value.
    • Entertainment: A pergola provides a defined space for entertainment.
    • Privacy: You can add a drape to the pergola for added privacy.
    • Easy installation: Your pergola can be constructed quickly and easily.

    If you have a green thumb, you will love that you can display plants on your pergola and still get enough sun while keeping them partially shaded.

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    Traditional Vs. StruXure Pergolas

    We sell pergolas in Austin, TX, made by StruXure, whose unique design and style offer many benefits compared to traditional structures. StruXure goes a step further in providing exceptional quality and durability. You can feel confident your pergola will remain in good shape for many years when you buy from StruXure vs. getting a traditional pergola made from less-sturdy materials. Here are a few ways StruXure stands apart:

    • Aluminum build: StruXure constructs pergolas from fully extruded aluminum that creates an outstanding fit and finish for the system. The aluminum will stand up to all types of weather, including hurricane-force winds and hail.
    • Enhanced views: The 6-inch louvers on StruXure pergolas can pivot to 170 degrees, giving you a better view.
    • App compatibility: The pergola includes an easy-to-learn operating system with a wall mount or remote control and can also be controlled using a smartphone app. You can also connect the pergola to MyLink and enable voice command.
    • Custom hues: Custom color options allow you to match the pergola with your home’s exterior.
    • Less runoff: A unique rain drainage system quickly moves out runoff.

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    The StruXure Pergola Advantage

    The StruXure pergolas we sell in Austin, TX, have many benefits. In addition to offering high-quality construction, the structures are versatile. The Pergola X is a smart structure made with cutting-edge technology that recognizes and responds to your outdoor needs. It can close and open as well as pivot or slide. You can control how much sun enters your space and readjust it based on the sun’s position.

    The Pergola X gives you the feel of driving a convertible with the top down, providing you full control over your sun exposure. On a beautiful night, you can pop open the top for a full view of the sky.

    compatible with amazon alexa and google assistant

    Contact Us to Purchase a StruXure Pergola

    Buy a Pergola X for your home in Austin, TX, and enjoy relief from the heat. Browse our available pergolas for sale and contact us for more information.

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