Austin Security Shutters

Security shutter

Shading Texas can keep you safe, cool, and out of the sun with aluminum security screens and exterior shutters in Austin. Our security shutters provide great protection from the harsh sun, severe weather, and unwanted guests. Enjoy the feeling of ultimate security for you and your family!

What are the advantages of rolling security shades?

Austin security screens from Shading Texas have many uses and come with a host of benefits that will maximize the comfort of your home. By installing our security shades, you can enjoy:

  • Protection from the sun
  • Unbeatable security
  • Privacy and stability
Home with security shutters down

Complete Sun Protection

The hot Texas sun doesn’t just raise temperatures, it also bombards Austin with ultraviolet rays and pulls moisture out of the ground. The power of the sun can quickly damage your valuables. Protect them from the sun’s rays with one of our rolling security shutters.

The window shutter’s insulated slats form a complete seal when closed, preventing any sunlight from reaching the inside of your Austin home. Preserve the original beauty of your furniture and decorations and prevent fading or degrading caused by the sun’s rays. Our rolling screens are great for both long-term storage or daily use.

Superior Temperature Regulation

Your roll down privacy shutters can help reduce central heating and air bills in your home by up to 60%. The aluminum on the housing and slats reflect most of Austin’s heat from the sun. They are insulated to add strength and protect your home or patio from the elements, keeping it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. As far as your home’s interior, security shutters have a perfect seal when closed, which stops cool air from escaping and hot air from making its way into your home.

Your security shutters can help reduce central heating and air bills in your home by up to 60%.

Home entrance with security shutter down

Unbeatable Security

Protect your home from the sun, pesky bugs, severe weather, and even unwelcome guests. If you have valuable goods or are just concerned about your family’s safety and well-being, our rolling security shutters are the perfect solution. Our storm shutters can protect some of the most important entry points in your home and ensure that only the guests that you invite can come in. Shutters also prevent would-be thieves from seeing what valuables they can get their hands on and how they can get them.

Our security shades don’t just block the light. They block prying eyes from seeing the things you want to keep private. Keep curious neighbors out of your business with complete privacy from Shading Texas. The barrier created by your storm shutters also keeps Austin noise from entering or leaving your home. Rest easy knowing that our roll down security shutters are keeping your business inside of your walls.

Are you ready to get your new security shutters installed?

Contact Shading Texas for your Austin security shutters. Our team is standing by to help you get the best options available for your shading and security needs.

Strength Against the Elements (And Prowlers)

The aluminum slats and housing of our shutters don’t give in to Austin weather or tools. They are fully insulated with polyurethane to create a strong barrier between the outside and your home. This specialized protection is what keeps the cool in and pests, heat, and crooks out.

They can also stand up to severe weather such as high winds and hail during hurricane season. Prevent damage and increase security by installing a rolling security shutter today.

Easily Retractable

Rolling security shutters roll up and down so you can choose when you want protection and when you want full sunlight and open views. Enjoy full control of your security and privacy day or night.

Dining room with security shutters closed
Security Shutter Color Selection

What options are available?

Our rolling security shutters can be custom fit to match the size of your windows or whatever frame you want to be covered. We specialize in large-scale coverings and have the solution you need to protect your valuables and loved ones.

You can also choose to upgrade your shutters to Max-Security for protection that is up to 300% stronger than our standard shutters. Max-Security slats are made with extruded metal that offers superior support for Austin homes and businesses.

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Your Security is Guaranteed!

We believe so strongly in our products at Shading Texas that we offer a lifetime warranty on the housing, frames, and electronics for our Austin shutters. If you are not satisfied with your product, then we are not satisfied. Get in touch with the Shading Texas team to secure your home today!