Shading Texas products are designed to protect you and your home from the scorching Austin sun.

Texans have special needs when it comes to sun protection. You need shades and awnings that are easy to use and provide shelter from UV rays while fighting the sweltering heat. Shading Texas carries, installs, and guarantees the right shade solutions for your home or business and offers customized solutions with a personal touch.

Lifetime Mechanical Warranty Badge

The Shading Texas Difference

Shading Texas offers warranties on all of our products. We are confident you will be happy in your selection. If you are unsatisfied with your products, we’ll do everything we can to give you the satisfaction you deserve.

Retractable Awnings

Choose from 5 different retractable awnings protected by a wind motion sensor that will automatically retract when the wind picks up. Our awnings also go up to 30′ wide to give you maximum protection from the sun.

Patio Enclosures

Our patio enclosures block out the sun exactly how you want it. From complete visibility to total blackout, Shading Texas will work with you to provide the enclosure you need. Shading Texas’s end retention track system also provides you with a secure barrier between you and the hot Austin sun.

Sun Shades

Let the sunlight in and keep the UV rays out with our powerful sun shades. Firm shade tension means your shade won’t fold or flap in the wind, and full automation puts you in control of how much and when your shades block the sun. The unique fabric of our sun shades doesn’t interfere with your outdoor views so you can enjoy the scenery without straining your eyes.

Security Shutters

If you’re looking to keep the sun completely out, security shutters may be the answer. Our motorized security shutters block out the sun by dropping over doors, windows, and any other space you need.

Mobile App Integration

All of our motorized products are operable from your smartphone or mobile device through the Somfy myLink app. Don’t worry about keeping track of separate remotes and connect your retractable awning to our customized app for iPhone and Android users. Set timers so your home is protected while you’re away or set up remote access to be in control on the go. Keep your shading controls all in one place on your mobile device!

iPhones displaying the Somfy myLink app

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