Security shutters coming down over a bay window

If the idea of security shutters brings to mind urban storefronts and loud, clattering metal doors (complete with a bit of graffiti), think again. Modern security shutters are quiet, operate smoothly, and come in a range of colors designed to complement your home’s exterior, all while giving superior levels of protection.

They also offer businesses an upgrade from the cheap security shutters of the past for a completely professional look. Security shutters protect your home against weather situations — and a whole lot more.

Check out the three ways security shutters can keep the elements from damaging your property during wild Texas weather:

1. Shutters Keep Out Debris

In high winds caused by big storm fronts moving across the landscape, any unsecured items can become a hazard to your home. With security shutters firmly in place, you can protect your windows from being broken by falling tree branches and loose items flying through the air.

When your windows stay intact, they also keep leaves, dirt, and rainwater from causing even more damage to your home’s interior.

2. Shutters Keep Out Insects and Animals

When the weather turns wet and muggy, mosquitoes and other insects come out in droves, so keeping bugs out of your home is a high priority. Security shutters offer absolutely no point of entry for these pests, and they provide additional protection against other animals in your landscape.

Birds and squirrels might be welcome visitors in your landscape, but if one accidentally gets indoors, they can cause major damage. Security shutters keep them outside, where they belong.

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3. Shutters Protect Your Valuables From UV Damage

When the blazing sun beats into your windows, it does more than just heat up your home. Ultraviolet light also causes fading to your furniture, carpets, wallpaper, paint, and artwork over time. This can significantly decrease the value of your home’s interior furnishings.

Security shutters aren’t just for nighttime safety or vacations away from home: You can use them regularly to block out the most intense afternoon sunlight and protect your interior from fading and other damage.

You can use your shutters throughout the year to protect your home from driving rains, strong winds, and even intense sun. This makes them a remarkably good investment for any home or business owner interested in getting the most out of their property.

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Photo Provided By Juvetecwindowshutters (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons