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Enjoying the outdoors from the comfort of your porch is a simple, relaxing pleasure. If you want to add a porch to your home or renovate your current one, you can opt for a screened or open porch design. To decide which is best for your needs, consider the pros and cons of each.

Screened Porches

A screened porch is enclosed with mesh screens, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air while protecting your entryway. If you’re thinking about screening in your porch, weigh these advantages and considerations to help you make your decision.


There are many benefits of a screened porch. The screens keep out mosquitos, flies and other insects, so you can enjoy being outside without the annoyance of pests. Screened porches also deter critters like raccoons, rats and opossums who might help themselves to unattended food or make your porch their home.

A screened design minimizes the amount of debris on your porch, keeping it cleaner and easier to maintain. In the fall, you won’t have to sweep leaves, acorns or dirt, and in the spring, your outdoor furniture will be virtually pollen-free.

You can also use your screened porch throughout the year, as the screens protect you from the elements. Cozy up with a heater or blankets when it’s cold, or use a fan to keep cool on a hot summer day. Additionally, a screened porch keeps your furniture, decorations and electronics safe during a storm.


Screening in your porch is more expensive than leaving it open, as this option calls for additional building time and more materials. You should also consider its visual impact. Although the mesh doesn’t completely obstruct your view, you won’t have a wide, clear perspective of your surroundings.

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Open Porches

An open porch is free from screens and walls. Its design offers unique advantages and disadvantages, including the following aspects.


An open porch is more affordable to build. With fewer components, installation is faster and easier. Although an open porch needs more cleaning, it requires less maintenance than a screened version, as the screens must be kept in good condition.

You also get better views with an open porch, which puts you closer to nature with no physical barrier.


The open design makes your porch more vulnerable to external elements. An open porch offers no protection from insects, critters, pollen or weather conditions, which puts you and your valuables at greater risk of injury, damage and theft.

Heaters, fans and other temperature control devices are also not as effective on an open porch, as there is nothing to keep the heating and cooling contained.

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