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No matter the season, it can be brutally hot in Texas, with temperatures soaring to triple digits in the summer and even winters often getting warm enough to break a sweat. If you lack air conditioning, you need to figure out how to cool down a room fast without AC. Use our eight tips to help keep your home temperate even during the summer.

1. Close the Windows and Doors

You may think that having a breeze from the outside will make your home cooler, but heat travels indoors instead. Keep your windows and doors firmly shut.

2. Install Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans keep the air in your home circulating. While fans don’t cool the air, moving it around makes the environment feel less hot. Set the fans’ direction to counterclockwise to enjoy the most significant benefits.

3. Change the Times You Cook

Using the oven and stove to cook dinner can increase your home’s temperature at the hottest time of day. Instead of making a hot dinner, either fix something cold or do your cooking at a different time. Fixing dinner when you wake up, for instance, and popping it in the refrigerator is a smart way to avoid raising the temperature.

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4. Use Box Fans in Your Windows

It’s OK to open the window for a box fan. Face the front of the fan out the window so that it sucks the warm air out of the room and sends it outside.

5. Turn Off Your Electronics

Have you ever walked close to your TV after it’s been on for a few hours? You feel a surprising amount of heat radiating from the set. Computers can also generate extra warmth. Turning off your electronics when you aren’t using them will reduce the amount of heat pumped into the room.

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6. Purchase a Window Unit

While you may not be able to install an HVAC system for your entire house, you can reduce the heat in spots by adding a window unit to your home. You can run the unit continuously to reduce heat in the area — this method can even cool down nearby rooms if you leave a door open between the two zones.

7. Create a Misty Breeze

Get a bunch of ice out of the refrigerator and place it in front of a box fan. Turn on the fan and enjoy the refreshing mist that blows across your face when the air hits the ice.

8. Install Retractable Shades on Your Windows

The less sunlight enters your room, the cooler it will stay. By adding retractable shades to your windows, you can reduce the amount of light that comes in and keep the room much cooler. An awning can have the same covering and cooling effect on your back patio doors. Cooling your home in the summer without AC doesn’t have to be difficult. Shading Texas sells retractable shades you can control with the push of a button or a convenient smartphone app. Contact us for more information about our shades.