How to Clean Screens on a Porch

A screened-in porch is a beautiful addition to any home, providing a comfortable space to relax and take in nature’s beautiful sights and sounds. Their screens are often responsible for keeping out bugs, weather and other debris, which can build up over time.

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4 Steps to Clean Your Porch Screen

4 Steps to Clean Your Porch Screen

Knowing how to correctly clean your screens to get the most out of your porch is essential.

Gather these materials before getting started:

  • Dish soap
  • Hot water
  • Garden hose
  • Soft-bristled brush
  • Vacuum with an upholstery attachment

1. Vacuum Porch Screens

You can vacuum the exterior if you have immediate access to the area surrounding your porch screens. If not, cleaning the interior with an upholstery attachment on your vacuum will do the job. Work top to bottom, and use a step ladder to reach the higher spots.

2. Spray Screens With a Hose

Move any furniture off your porch before turning on your hose. You can spray the screens with your hose or pressure washer to clear debris. Make sure to point water outside and work your way from top to bottom, covering each panel.

3. Clean With Soapy Water

If you see any areas with built-up dirt and debris remaining after vacuuming and spraying, you can use soapy water and a brush to clean each area. You can combine mild soap and hot water, dip your brush into the mixture and scrub the dirty areas. You might have mold if you notice any green powdery residue. In this case, you can use distilled white vinegar and water for more power in removing it.

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4 Rinse and Dry

With your screens thoroughly washed and scrubbed, you can use your hose to rinse away any leftover soap or vinegar solutions. Again, direct the water outside to avoid soaking your belongings, and let the area dry completely before moving your furniture back in.

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