retractable deck awning

Awnings are a lovely complement to your home and can offer maximum protection from the sun and heat of the summer.

But just how energy-efficient are they? Will you still get energy savings in the colder months of the year? Find out how awnings save energy below.

Are Awnings Energy-Efficient?

Awnings shield you from the sun’s heat by reducing exposure. The use of awnings can result in reduced use of air conditioning and other energy-intensive cooling appliances.

While this is true, the use of static awnings may correlate to an increased use of heating appliances in the cooler months since your home will be blocked from solar rays. This doesn’t mean your efforts to reduce energy use are null. There are awning options allowing you to make the best of both the warm and cold seasons.

How Much Energy Do You Save When Using Awnings?

According to the Department of Energy, window awnings can reduce the heat generated in your house from the sun by up to 77% on westward windows. Since your living space is cooler in the summer, you’ll be less likely to use energy-consuming appliances such as AC systems heavily, reducing your energy costs.

What About the Winter?

While awnings can be energy-efficient in the warmer months, homeowners may be concerned about how shades can affect their energy use in the wintertime. The same fixed awnings that protect you from the hot summer sun can be an obstruction when you need the warmth of sunlight in the colder months. But it won’t be a problem if you install retractable awnings.

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How Retractable Awnings Can Help Your Home in the Heat and Cold

A retractable awning does as its name says. It’s an awning that can be pulled out when you need shade and pulled back when you need to maximize your home’s exposure to the sun.

Retractable awnings are perfect for keeping your home cool in the summer and letting in the elusive sun rays in the winter.

Contact Shading Texas for Energy-Efficient Retractable Awnings

Contact Shading Texas for Energy-Efficient Retractable Awnings

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