sliding glass doors with vertical blinds

Glass doors are a great way to enhance the beauty of your home. While glass doors can let in additional light and create an open feel in a home, there can be significant privacy concerns with these types of doors. The following guide provides simple tips and tricks on how to cover glass doors for privacy.

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  1. Entrances & Exits: Consider which entrances and exits are most likely to be seen from a public area, such as a road. For example, covering a back door may not be as beneficial as covering a front door.
  2. Energy Costs: Be aware of how a privacy covering could impact energy costs during the summer months. If a glass door is in full view of the sun during the summer months, adding a black privacy screen could lead to an increase in temperature by absorbing UV rays. In turn, this can lead to a substantial increase in air conditioning costs at home.
  3. Aluminum Oxide: Understand there are different types of privacy screening for glass doors. Some types of glass have a built-in aluminum oxide layer that minimizes visibility from the outside. These types of doors can be relatively expensive, but they have a great appearance.
  4. Budget: If working on a budget, consider adhesive privacy screens for a glass door. Similar to window tinting in vehicles, this material comes in a plastic sheet that can be affixed to the outer layer of glass at a home.
  5. Tint Materials: When working with window tint materials, be aware that it’s essential to make sure that the glass is completely clean before applying a privacy tint. If there is any dirt or other debris on the glass door, the tint material will not affix properly to the glass.
  6. Privacy Tint: After applying a privacy tint, use a credit card or other flat-edged object to push bubbles towards the edge of the surface. Once at the edge of the surface, the bubbles will dissipate, and you’ll be left with a smooth tinted surface.
  7. Security Shutters: If you want maximum privacy, consider adding security shutters. Security shutters don’t use much electricity, come down easily, and can help protect your home from the elements as an added bonus.
  8. Resale Value: Consider resale value when adding privacy glass doors. In some cases, a poor installation can lower the value of a home.
  9. Privacy Glass: Be aware that some types of privacy glass can make it difficult to see outside the home. This may not be desirable, depending on a homeowner’s preferences.
  10. Avoiding Tint Material: If installing privacy glass at a business or high traffic area, it’s a good idea to avoid tinted material.
  11. Job Estimates: Ask for estimates from a contractor before beginning any work.
  12. Mock-up Design: If possible, ask for a mock-up design prior to making any decisions.
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When researching how to cover glass doors for privacy, don’t limit yourself to this guide alone. There are many great resources, both online and offline, with ideas for how to enhance the appearance of glass doors while maintaining a reasonable level of privacy for both yourself and your family.

And, if you’re looking for even more privacy solutions, call the team at Shading Texas. They can enhance your home to provide the best privacy possible.