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Patio Enclosure Ideas for Winter

Having a patio in Texas is great for 3 out of the 4 seasons. The weather stays warm to (incredibly) hot for most of the year. But winters in Texas can be erratic, creating incredibly cold days coupled right next to oppressively hot days.

In times like these, it’s best to create patio enclosures. That way, you can enjoy the scenic hills and sprawling vistas our great state has to offer, but in the heated comfort of home. With a few simple, affordable modifications, you can have an enclosure made for Texas winters.


Use Sun Shades

Retractable sun shades create a partition between you and the outside world. They can also reduce the amount of wind coming into the patio, making winter a lot less brisk. This lets you welcome the winter weather without its chilly reception.

(Note: Shading Texas offers screens for your enclosures)

Install A New Fireplace

Chimineas and other light fireplaces can help warm up a screened in patio enclosure. If you don’t want to mess with intensive masonry, chimineas can be purchased and placed anywhere within the enclosure at a fraction of the cost.

Install Plastic Or Glass Walls

A completely sectioned off patio enclosure guarantees cold wind, rain, and snow will not enter your patio. It also provides the warmest views for cold and snowy days.

Plastic and glass installation are also the most costly. Writer Sarah Brumley at estimates that an average enclosure like this could cost an average of $11,000, with some rooms costing at much as $20,000 and higher. If you can afford it, go for this option!

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Place curtains

If you’ve completely enclosed your patio, then you may have created an accidental greenhouse for your home. To keep heat out, adding curtains (or even sun shades) can reduce the temperatures while also providing the view you want.

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