6 Reasons Why You Want Motorized Screens for Your Patio

Many Texans love entertaining friends and family throughout the year. While the outdoors is one of the best places to host, sweltering heat, rain or pesky insects can make it less than ideal. Motorized patio screens offer a solution to maximize your outdoor living area.

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Reasons to Invest in Motorized Screens

Reasons to Invest in Motorized Screens

Motorized retractable screens provide the ultimate convenience. There are plenty of reasons to add them to your space, from ease of use to whole-home energy savings.

1. Ease of Use

Motorized patio screens operate with a click of a button, making deployment so simple you won’t even need to get up from your seat.

2. Protection From Insects and the Elements

Retractable screens offer an easy way to keep mosquitos, flies and other insects away. Screens can also protect your patio furniture from the sun, rain and weather elements.

3. Additional Outdoor Space

Installing motorized screens is like adding a room to your house without needing to construct a new space.

4. Extensive Customization

Motorized patio shades, awnings and enclosures are entirely customizable. Choose a design that enhances your space and fits your budget. When you opt for retractable screens, you can deploy the enclosures when you want full shade and privacy — and lift them when you want an uninterrupted view.

5. Fast Installations

Reputable and experienced installers fit motorized screens quickly with minimal disruption to your routine.

6. Energy Savings

Retractable screens can significantly reduce your energy bills when temperatures are high. Shade screens minimize the amount of sun entering your space during summer, reducing the strain on your air conditioner.

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Types of Motorized Screens

There are various motorized screen types to choose from:

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