How to Reduce TV Glare

How to Reduce Glare on TV

Flat-screen TVs offer beautiful pictures, but their design can cause glare, making it difficult to watch your favorite TV shows and movies. Glare can make it harder to see details of what you’re watching and may even be serious enough to cause a headache in extreme cases. Fortunately, a few tips may be all you need to transform your viewing experience.

What Is Glare?

TV glare is caused by light reflecting on the surface of the screen. As many of today’s screens are glossy, they act as mirrors and reflect light. This issue can be compounded by the bright Texas sun streaming in and reflecting on your surfaces.

Ways to Minimize TV Glare

Fortunately, you’re not limited to watching shows after the sun has set. These tips can help you reduce TV glare. Read on to learn how to watch TV in the sun.

Shade Your Space

Sun shades are retractable, sturdy shades placed on the outside of your home. They can be lowered to reduce sunlight, which virtually eliminates glare while also protecting you, your furniture and your electronics from the sun’s heat and UV rays. 

Create a luxurious theater experience in your own home. If you’re wondering how to stop the glare on your TV outside, using sun shades to enclose your patio can create an outdoor TV space where you’ll enjoy spending time. Sun shades reduce glare, make your patio cooler and even keep out bugs.

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Adjust Your Screen Settings 

The best way to reduce glare on an outside TV is to turn up the brightness and play with the contrast, color intensity and other settings until you find the right mix. Many TVs are set for indoor viewing by default.

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Perfect your TV Placement 

Avoid placing your TV in front of very bright windows or where the sunlight from your windows will hit. Poor placement will result in a glare as the sun moves across the sky, and direct sunlight hitting the screen is bad for the device.

Adjust the Angles

Adjust the Angles

If you place your TV on a stand that allows you to adjust it up or down, you can often eliminate some of the glare. If moving your screen up and down doesn’t solve the issue, you can also try tilting it side to side. Angling your screen slightly away from a major light source may be enough to remove the glare.

Control Your Lighting

Avoid bright overhead lights and bright lamps around your TV. Turning off the lights and closing the blinds can help reduce the reflection on the television.

Use Anti-Glare Protectors 

Anti-glare protectors can be placed in front of a screen to cut glare by diffusing light or reducing the shininess of the screen surface. If you prefer not to use a plastic screen, you can find anti-glare sprays that apply directly to your screen to reduce glare. Some monitors and TVs come with this option already added to their screens.

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Buy an Anti-Glare TV

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution than screens or sprays, you can shop around to find the best anti-glare TV. Buying an anti-glare TV is a more expensive yet effective way to stop glare. Some companies even sell TVs with brighter screens specifically made for outdoor use.

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Place Lighting Behind the TV

Watching TV in the dark can cause significant eye strain because the TV is the only light source. On the other hand, keeping a light on while you watch TV can cause frustrating glare. To avoid both problems, place your light source behind the TV. 

Place Your TV in Darker Surroundings

A deep cabinet indoors or outdoors shades the screen and provides a better picture. Shading your TV reduces glare because sunlight cannot reach the TV. Using a TV cabinet is an aesthetically pleasing way to shade your TV on all sides. If you want to watch TV outside, consider purchasing a cabinet for shade on the patio.

This furniture is built to house your TV and adds a touch of style to your home while reducing glare. One potential downside of TV cabinets is that it limits the angles from which you can view the screen, which you should keep in mind if you plan to watch TV with many people.

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