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You can make your home more accessible by implementing home changes for your older loved ones or individuals with disabilities. Here are ways to help create an accessible living space.

Minimize the Need for Stairs

One way to make home changes for older adults or those with disabilities is by making crucial amenities accessible without the use of stairs.

As we get older, we can find navigating steps to be a challenge. Make life easier for older adults or those with disabilities by having a bedroom and a bathroom on the first floor.

Alternatively, you can install a stair lift or elevator to help your elderly residents and visitors access rooms on the upper floors.

Make Your Bathroom Accessible With a Few Tweaks

Another room that we can take for granted until we get older is the bathroom. A lot of bathroom setups can be daunting when your freedom of movement is limited. Improve your bathroom’s accessibility by installing grab bars to ease sitting down and getting up.

You can also improve your home for your elderly parents by installing a walk-in bathtub since climbing in and out can become difficult as we age. If you have a shower, get a shower seat and eliminate any steps to get in.

Optimize Your Home for Ease of Movement

People who use walkers and wheelchairs can get greater ease of movement with a few home changes. For example, you can widen your doorways, especially to essential rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom and entranceway.

Speaking of the entrance, you can improve accessibility by making it step-free. If it’s hard to flatten that section, try building a ramp for a simpler entry and exit from your home.

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Another change that is easier to implement is to swap your round doorknobs for lever doorknobs to help those with wrist issues move around between rooms.

Get Motorized Patio Shades and Awnings

While older adults may enjoy a relaxing time on the patio, getting some much-needed fresh air, you can protect their sensitive skin with awnings and patio shades blocking UV rays.

Use motorized awnings and shades to help them operate the awnings quickly and conveniently from anywhere in the house. If you’re accommodating your elderly parents in your Texas home, consider Shading Texas for your exterior shading needs.

Shading Texas Can Help You Make Your Home Aging-Ready

Shading Texas Can Help You Make Your Home Aging-Ready

Our motorized awnings and patio shades protect your family’s skin from the Texas sun’s burning rays.

We’ll install the sun protection you need and offer a free consultation to help you find your ideal shading solutions. Learn more about our services — contact us online.