A bug screen is a vital tool in keeping your patio space free of annoying pests. Bees and wasps can pack an unpleasant sting, while mosquitoes and flies occasionally carry diseases. Whether it’s retractable, stationary, or magnetic, your screen serves as a reliable barrier between you and your unwanted guests. While bug screens will get the job done on their own, there are several additional things you can do to play defense against insect intruders.

Patio Maintenance

  • Keep a Clean Patio: A patio free of crumbs and spilled drinks is less likely to attract insects.
  • Avoid Areas of Standing Water: Stagnant pools of water are prime locations for mosquito breeding.

Organic Options

  • Utilize Plant Power: Apart from making your patio more beautiful, certain plants also have bug-repellent properties. Start an herb garden with garlic, rosemary, and lemongrass to keep pests away naturally. Also, marigolds have a great track record for keeping mosquitoes at bay.
  • Natural Oils: Lavender and eucalyptus oils both have insect-repellent powers. A solution of one of these oils in water can be sprayed around your patio, acting as a natural barrier.

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Let There Be Light

  • Be Smart with Your Bulbs: Bright white bulbs have a reputation for attracting nighttime flyers like moths. Look into yellow-tinted bulbs or even sodium vapor lights. The difference in glow will attract fewer bugs to your patio.
  • Citronella: Torches or candles with citronella are proven to keep bugs at bay. Use them to keep flies and mosquitoes away, but make sure they’re placed in an area with no fire hazards.
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Chemical Potential

  • Hydrogen Peroxide: Create a simple repellent mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water in a spray bottle. This solution is good for furniture, but avoid spraying it on people. Also, be careful around food and drinks.
  • Mouthwash: Did you know that mosquitoes strongly dislike minty smells? If you don’t have hydrogen peroxide around the house, you can use a mint-flavored mouthwash in a pinch.

These are just a few ways to improve the barrier between bugs and your house.

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