backyard with automatic retractable awning for extra shade

Your retractable motorized awning is an invaluable way to keep cool and comfortable in the heat of summer, but it can be susceptible to fickle behavior. When you’re faced with an ornery awning, try these solutions to fix common repair issues on your own.

Wrinkled or Sagging Fabric

First, check to make sure the arms of your awning are properly extended. If the fabric is still sagging, it’s probably due to excess moisture, which can cause the awnings to stretch out when absorbed. Try retracting the awning to fix it and extend it again to dry thoroughly on the next sunny day, which should tighten it back up.

Large awnings have a bit of innate give, and the fabric may naturally pucker as you retract it. As long as there are no deep creases, a bit of wrinkling is nothing to fear.

Torn Fabric

As your awning ages, it becomes more susceptible to wind damage if left open during a storm. You can fix and repair small tears using adhesives made specially for this purpose. In general, canvas awnings can be reinforced with tape and/or sewn, while vinyl awnings can be repaired with vinyl cement. Check your local awning store for ways you can repair your shade fabrics.

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Strange Noises

The gears need lubricating if your electrical awning squeaks or creaks during operations. Brush away any loose debris on gears first, and then use a silicone spray lubricant. Focus your attention on the most likely culprit: the area between the end bracket and roller tube as well as any exposed gears.

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Knocking, banging, or cracking sounds can indicate that one or more parts are loose and need repair. Tighten your awning brackets first; if that doesn’t fix it, probe all the framework joints gently to see if anything wiggles. If so, check if you have the tools and access to tighten it on your own before calling a repair person for a new installation.

Uneven Retraction

If your awning looks askew when you retract it, chances are good that the arms and/or awning rail are out of level. Make sure the awning arms are parallel to each other and fully opened first. Next, check the awning rail to ensure that it is attached snugly and hasn’t shifted. The fabric will retract unevenly if these parts aren’t square, and they should be coaxed gently back into alignment.

Many retractable awning problems are easy to fix with a good eye for detail and a willingness to try simple repairs. If you think your awning problems are a bit out of your expertise, or you need your a replacement or a new awning install, call the Austin offices of Shading Texas to get the help you need.

Can’t Fix Your Awning?

Not all awning problems can be repaired. If you need to replace your awning with a newer, better one, contact Shading Texas today.