3 Reasons to Install Motorized Patio Screens in Winter

A screened-in porch is an upgrade to your home you can enjoy all year. Whether you want to transform your patio into an enclosed space or you’re looking to replace a worn-out screen, you can follow our porch screen installation guide to finish the job — or get in touch with us for professional installation.

Measure and Cut the Screens

1. Measure and Cut the Screens

To start your project, you’ll need to make sure your screens will fit the patio’s frame. Measure the vertical and horizontal pieces of the framing that your new screens will attach to. You can use those measurements to determine how much material you need. Multiply the overall height and width of the patio, then add an extra 10 percent of the total for excess material. The screen material should always be larger than the opening.

2. Install Base Strips

The next step is to install base strips. Before you do, make sure the frame is clear. Remove the old screen and any nails, screws or staples.

You can attach the base strips to the frame with 1-inch screws. Make sure not to over-tighten and bend the strips. They will overlap, so there’s no need to miter the edges.

3. Attach the Screens

Position the screen in place. You can use screen installer clips to push the screens into the grooves and keep them as straight as possible. Once you’re satisfied with the positioning, you can start attaching the screen to the patio using a spline. Follow these steps:

  • Measure the length of the spline you might need and cut it accordingly. 
  • Hold the spline roller tool at 45 degrees. You can roll the screen into the grove to create a mold that makes the spine go in easily.
  • Roll the spline into place, removing the clips as you go along. Repeat on all sides until the screen is completely attached. 
  • Cut the excess screen material and trim the edges using a utility knife or razor blade.
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4. Cover the Base

You can install cap strips to conceal the base for a sleek, finished look. Place a cap over the area where the screen attaches to the base strip. Once it’s in position, you can tap the cap down with a rubber mallet until it snaps in place.

Contact Us for Professional Porch Screen Installation

At Shading Texas, we have decades of experience installing exterior shading solutions — and we offer a five-year warranty on every installation. We’ll use high-quality patio screens and exceptional craftsmanship and tools to leave you with a long-lasting, visually appealing screened-in porch. Contact us online or call us at 737-265-6151 to learn more.