Manual shades allow you to open and close your patio shades by pulling on them. Motorized shades are a newer idea, allowing you to use a remote control or your phone to open and close your shades. Read on to find out which choice may be right for you.

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motorized vs manual patio shades

How to Choose Between Manual and Motorized Patio Shades

Manual shades and motorized shades can both add value to your home and keep out the hot sun and bugs while letting you enjoy privacy on your porch. When choosing between the two, you will want to:

  • Consider the wind: If you live somewhere where the weather and wind can sneak up on you, motorized shades make sense because you can open or close them quickly. You can even use an app to control your shades if you’re away from home and notice bad weather moving in.
  • Look at your budget: Motorized shades are more of an investment, but they may also add more to the value of your home when compared with manual options. We invite you to contact us at Shading Texas for an estimate on motorized patio shades.
  • Consider your mobility: To pull down manual shades, you will need to be able to reach them. If your shades are tall or anyone in your household has mobility limitations, motorized solutions may be more accessible.
  • Think about the size of the patio: How many shades will your patio need? Closing many large shades is much easier with a remote or your phone.
  • Factor in your lifestyle: If you are away from home often, motorized outdoor shades give you more flexibility. You can use your phone or use voice commands to open and close the shades in all your outdoor spaces, saving you time. If you already use a voice assistant like Alexa or have a smart home, motorized shades can fit seamlessly with your lifestyle.
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Reach Out to Shading Texas

At Shading Texas, we offer motorized patio shades as well as Somfy TaHoma — a convenient technology solution that allows you to control your shades with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Use your phone or voice to raise and lower individual shades or all your shades. Somfy TaHoma is also compatible with Philips Hue, IFTTT and Smart Things by Samsung.

To find out more about motorized patio shades and request a free estimate, contact Shading Texas today.

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