Best Outdoor Patio Games for Adults

When the weather is pleasant, a day out on the patio with your friends is a wonderful way to spend your time. At Shading Texas, we love that patios are the perfect place to spend time with the ones you love. That’s why we provide attractive awnings and patio shades to protect you from the heat while you’re making memories. If you’re planning a kid-free barbeque and want some entertaining BBQ games for the adults, take a look at our comprehensive list below. There are many great outdoor games out there, and we’ve narrowed them down to some of the best outdoor games.
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Classic Lawn Games

Some quintessential yard games include:

  • Cornhole. A tried-and-true classic, this game involves throwing beanbags into a small target.
  • Horseshoes. Another admired yard game, horseshoes requires a good arm and aim to wrap your horseshoe around a stake.
  • Badminton. If tennis is a little too fast-paced, badminton is a great alternative. The lightweight birdie makes the game playful and straightforward for everyone.
  • Ring toss: This yard game is easy to learn and uses a similar scoring structure to cornhole.
  • Bocce ball: Aim your ball closest to the white central ball to score more points than your opponent.
  • Croquet: This game with noble roots has become fun backyard entertainment as you use mallets to hit balls around the yard.
  • Pickleball: This sport is like ping-pong played on a larger court. Pickleball requires a hard surface, but it’s easy to set up if you have a large concrete space.
  • Limbo: See how low you can go with this fun lawn game. You can use any long object as your limbo stick, including a broom or yardstick.
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Out-of-the-Box Outdoor Games

If you want something a little more unexpected, try:

  • Darts. Who said dartboards were only for bars? Buy a dartboard for your patio and play darts as you’re making burgers on the grill.
  • Beer pong. While we’re talking about bar games, beer pong is another classic option you can bring to your patio. All you need is a long table, plastic cups and ping pong balls.
  • Giant Jenga. Did you know they make massive Jenga sets? Make a tower of wooden blocks and pull them out one by one to see who will knock it down. Connect 4 is another game that has giant versions that are great for outdoor use.
  • Patio bowling. You can buy outdoor bowling sets online or fashion your own with 10 bottles and a ball.
  • KanJam. This twist on frisbee golf involves throwing a frisbee into a plastic barrel. You get extra points if you get it through a narrow hole cut on the side.
  • Spikeball. A variation on volleyball, Spikeball uses a flexible net as a springboard. Bounce your ball off the net and see if the opposing team can serve it back to you in three tries or less.
  • Ladder toss: This game consists of two ladders with three rungs. To score points, each team throws balls connected by a string that wraps around the ladder rungs.
  • Flickin Chicken: Shoot rubber chickens toward a target on your lawn in this hilarious outdoor game.
  • Lawn darts: This game involves large weighted darts that you throw to hit a target on the grass. If you like regular darts, this version is an exciting challenge.
  • Bottle Bash: Instead of simply tossing a frisbee around, raise the stakes with this frisbee game where your goal is to knock a bottle off the other team’s post.
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Outdoor Games Without Equipment

Outdoor Games Without Equipment

While all of these games are excellent sources of entertainment, they involve a lot of accessories. If you’re looking for outdoor games for adults without equipment, try:

  • Live trivia. Making personalized trivia is the perfect way to challenge your friends. Since you’re making it, you can make the theme whatever you want. Quiz your friends on music from the year you graduated high school or make a sports-themed trivia for all your friends who are football fans.
  • Scavenger hunt. If you’re feeling creative, you can make clues for a scavenger hunt. To cater to people over 21, make the prize a six-pack of beer.
  • Capture the flag: This favorite backyard game encourages you to work together and find the best way to get the other team’s flag.
  • Whisper down the lane: Whisper a phrase to the person next to you, and they’ll pass it down the line. Then at the end, you can see how much it changed.
  • Musical chairs: Move your outdoor chairs into a circle and play music. To make it more fun for guests, let them choose the playlists.
  • Red rover: Make two lines and hold hands. Then call people over and see how many you can catch for your team.

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While you’re enjoying a beautiful game day on the patio with your friends, take advantage of our shading solutions. At Shading Texas, we want you to have shade where you need it. Contact us today to get a free estimate!
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