keeping bugs off patio
Whether bug season in your area lasts for a few months or all year long, mosquitoes and other insects are nuisances that prevent you from fully enjoying your outdoor spaces. Follow these six tips for staying mosquito-free in the summer or year-round and taking your yard back from the bugs.

1. Burn Citronella Candles

For small areas with limited air movement, burning essential oils with insect-repellent qualities is a great way to keep mosquitoes away from your outdoor spaces. These natural repellents include citronella, lemon eucalyptus and peppermint oils. Citronella candles and lanterns will light up your patio while protecting your invited guests from unwanted visitors.

2. Use Personal Repellents

Using personal insect repellents can protect you from mosquitoes and other bugs while you enjoy the outdoors. Sprays and lotions with diethyltoluamide (DEET) or bug-resistant essential oils are available for both kids and adults. Like sunscreen, these insect-proof sprays can wear off over time, so remember to reapply every few hours as instructed.

3. Deploy Mosquito Traps

Mosquito traps are effective tools when paired with sprays or preventive measures. Traps employ various methods to lure mosquitoes and other pests away from you and your guests. Besides buying human-made traps, you can install bird or bat habitats. These natural insect predators regulate your area’s bug population.

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4. Eliminate Stagnant Water

While it’s important to know how to get rid of mosquitoes, preventing them from gathering at your home is also essential. Stagnant water is the ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects like flies. Be proactive to eliminate potential hotspots in your yard. You can clean your gutters to prevent water stagnation and watch your yard for spots with poor drainage. Moist debris hosts mosquitoes, so stay on the lookout for piles of old leaves or other materials.

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5. Treat Your Lawn

Applying a lawn treatment is another effective way to keep bugs off a patio and discourage them from returning. You can use insect-proof sprays to pretreat your backyard the day before a party. Reapply it regularly, every few weeks, to make sure bugs stay out of your outdoor spaces. Spray around the perimeter of your yard and any potential hotspots. Always consider any children or pets before choosing a lawn treatment.

6. Install Patio Screens

Insect screens and full patio enclosures are among the best strategies for keeping mosquitoes out of outdoor spaces. These installations can stretch around your entire porch or patio for 24/7 protection, making them perfect for staying mosquito-free in the summer and insect-proof all year. Patio screens allow you to enjoy the pleasant weather’s benefits in your backyard with total security against bugs.

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