Home with three patio awnings

A retractable awning can be a great addition to your home’s outdoor space. They’re visually appealing, and they protect your skin and furniture from the harsh rays of the sun.

You want to ensure you get the best retractable awning solution for your investment. Here are things to consider before purchasing a retractable awning.

1. The Quality of the Awning Fabric

Get the best material for your retractable awning — the choice of fabric contributes to the longevity and effectiveness of your product.

Make sure the manufacturer of your screen is reputable. For awnings, you can trust names like Mermet®, a company that produces fiberglass screens that are tougher than polyester and block up to 80% of UV rays.

2. The Terms of Your Investment

Getting a retractable awning installed is an investment that will affect the quality of your living and the value of your property.

That’s why you want to be sure of everything included in the price that installers will quote you. Check that your installer is reliable and has a good track record of service.

3. A Retracting Mechanism That Suits Your Lifestyle

How would you prefer to operate your retractable awning? While manual cranks are available, most modern awnings come with a motor that automates the process of extending your awning canopy and rolling it back in with a remote control.

Shading Texas awnings can be operated by your smartphone or tablet. And if you have a smart home device, it can link to that, too.

4. An Awning Size That Works for You

Make sure the vendor offers a size that suits your home since you want to have the maximum protection for your patio or window. We provide sizes up to 30 feet wide without seams.

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5. A Design and Color That You’ll Never Get Tired Of

You want to get the right color that complements the external decor of your home. Ask your vendor to see samples of the colors available and if they can customize the design to suit the aesthetics of your property.

6. A Reliable Retractable Awning Installer

Find out if your installer is reliable and can complete the project well for your retractable awning project. You can check their testimonials on their website or a third-party review site for your area.

7. A Favorable Warranty

Make sure that your warranty matches or exceeds your investment. Find out how long the guarantee lasts and what situations it will cover. Shading Texas offers a five-year installation warranty and a lifetime warranty on awning components.

Choose Our Retractable Awnings for Your Texas Home

Choose Our Retractable Awnings for Your Texas Home

If you’re in the central Texas area, consider Shading Texas. We install retractable awnings and offer other exterior shading solutions. Contact us today or read more about our retractable awnings for your Texas home.