beach umbrella Retractable awnings and sun umbrellas are two of the most popular shading solutions for outdoor areas. But which is better? This breakdown of awnings vs. umbrellas will help you determine which is the right choice for your space.

What Is a Retractable Awning?

A retractable awning is an adjustable covering attached to an exterior wall. Some retractable awnings are manually operated with a hand crank, while others are motorized. Retractable awnings come in either metal or canvas fabric, like vinyl and polyester.


Retractable awnings provide a large coverage area for maximum protection. Because they attach directly to your home or building and don’t rely on poles or posts, they are highly durable and less likely to be blown away or damaged in a storm. They are also easy to use and have a long life span.


Compared to umbrellas, retractable awnings are the more expensive option. But the protection and reliability provided make retractable awnings worth the investment. A retractable awning must be installed in an area that can support its entire length. Once installed, it can only be removed, not relocated. Awnings also require regular cleaning and maintenance to remain in good condition.

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What Is a Sun Umbrella?

A sun umbrella is a standing, movable canopy that offers shade from the sun and protection from the elements. Sun umbrellas are typically operated with a hand crank and feature a pole or post for support.


Sun umbrellas are lightweight and portable, so you can easily move them to different locations. They come in many materials, colors and sizes, making them a great match for any design theme. Sun umbrellas are also less expensive than retractable awnings.

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Although umbrellas are more convenient to transport, they are also more susceptible to falling over or blowing away in the wind. An unstable umbrella can cause injuries or damage your property. Umbrellas also do not cover as much area as an awning.

How to Choose Which Is Best for Your Space

So which is better: an awning or umbrella? The answer depends on your needs. If you want an easily movable, low-cost option that covers a specific, small area, then a sun umbrella may be best. But if you’re looking for a solution offering maximum coverage and longevity, a retractable awning is the right choice.

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