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Though awnings look nice, some people wonder how effective these sunshades really are. Some wonder whether or not there is a difference between the temperature under the awning and the atmospheric temperature. The following is meant to help you see how effective awnings are.

A Look at Temperature

To understand how effective awnings are, you need to know some things about temperature. For example, if someone asked, “how much cooler is it in the shade?” One might say the temperature is much lower. This is not exactly true. The temperature under the shade is not cooler but the same as the rest of the environment you are in. The difference is that the sun’s radiation is not heating you up, making you feel hotter than it actually is.

Will it Be Cooler Under a Retractable Awning?

Just like with shade, an awning does not do anything about changing the temperature outside. Sunlight temperature is only different because of the radiation from the sun rays hitting your skin, not because the temperature has changed. Now, this does not mean the awning will not be effective. You are still going to be getting the true air temperature under the shade of your awning without the sun rays heating up your skin. You are definitely going to feel cooler than you would feel if you were sitting or standing under direct sunlight. A good awning can do more for you than just make you feel cooler…

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The Many Benefits of an Awning

An awning may not magically make your environment cooler, but it does make you feel that way. Plus, you get the following perks:

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UV Protection

The sun rays mentioned earlier that can heat up your skin and make you feel hotter can also harm you. UV rays can penetrate the skin and damage skin cells, and enough damage could lead to skin cancer. Those who love to spend time outdoors can do so with more protection by simply having an awning.

Eye Care

Another thing you are protecting with a simple awning is your eyes. Those UV rays can also do substantial damage to your eyes if you are overexposed long enough. Sure, you can wear sunglasses, and that protects your eyes, but there is nothing wrong with a little more protection. Besides, you probably aren’t going to wear your sunglasses the whole time you are on your patio relaxing or entertaining guests.

Long-Lasting Furniture

The color of your furniture could get damaged with enough sun exposure. The rays the sun emits are pretty powerful, and they will eventually degrade your patio furniture. They are going to start looking a little faded, and you may need to replace them prematurely. A good awning should provide enough shade and protection to your patio furniture and save you money.


Now, you know much more about sunlight, atmospheric temperature, and all the good things awnings can do for homeowners, including how they can help you feel cooler. At Shading Texas, we can keep you cooler in the shade all summer long. Get in touch with us and schedule your free on-site estimate today!