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If you recently got a Somfy TaHoma patio shade system, you can control it with your remote. Read this guide to learn how to set upper, lower and preferred limit positions for your porch screens!

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Setting up Your Smart Patio Shades

If this is your first time using the Somfy TaHoma retractable shades, follow these steps to set up your remote:

  1. Install the motor on the screen and connect power to it.
  2. Press the up and down arrows on your remote simultaneously until you see the shades perform a small up-and-down movement.
  3. Check the directions by pressing the up or down arrows. For instance, if you press the down arrow, the shade should go down. If you need to change the direction, press the “my” button until the screen does the brief up-and-down motion.

Next, you’ll want to set limits for your shades. You can do this by:

  • Start by moving the screen to your desired upper stop point.
  • Press the “my” and down arrow until you see movement in the motor.
  • Stop the motor when the shade reaches the desired lower limit.
  • Press the “my” and up arrow simultaneously until the screen moves. It will stop at the upper limit.
  • Hold the “my” button until the shade does the small up and down motion to confirm the settings.

Now, you’ll need to take the remote out of Programming Mode. Hold the programming button on the back until the shade does the brief up and down motion — that means it is in User Mode. Check that the remote is in the correct settings by briefly pressing an arrow to see if the screen moves to the limits.

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Set a Preferred Position

Set a Preferred Position

You may want to set another position that is partway between your upper and lower limits. You can do this by pressing the up or down arrow to move the shade to your desired location, then press the “my” button to stop it. Hold the button until the screen performs the brief up-and-down motion.

Now, this position is added to the remote memory. You can send your shades to this position by pressing the “my” button whenever you want. If the screen is already in motion, press the button twice to send it to your preferred position.

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