An eco-friendly home is ideal for the planet and your wallet. Here are 10 simple ways to make your home more environmentally friendly.

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cut your energy usage by using a clothesline

  1. Buy less. Every time you buy things, you’re contributing to landfills. Try to repair and hold onto appliances, clothes, toys and other items rather than tossing them away.
  2. Buy consciously. Look for choices that help the environment, especially items that last longer or are reusable. If you’re buying a car, consider one that’s electric or a hybrid. You can also choose energy-efficient appliances and home systems.
  3. Adjust your thermostat. To place less strain on your HVAC system, keep your thermostat a few degrees warmer in summer and a few degrees cooler in winter.
  4. Consider air drying your clothes. Your clothes dryer uses a lot of your home’s energy. You can cut your energy usage by drying clothes on a clothesline on a warm summer day. For those rainy days, swap out disposable dryer sheets with dryer balls that can be used for years without adding waste.
  5. Landscape carefully. Planting species native to your area and doing away with herbicides and pesticides helps reduce your water usage and pollution. Compost food scraps for an earth-friendly way to nurture your garden, and use electric or manual mowers and landscaping tools over gas-powered models.
  6. Grow some of your own food. You can grow herbs on a sunny windowsill or have a fruit and vegetable garden. Producing some of your own food cuts down on the energy used for mass production, transportation and packaging of food.
  7. Cut back on waste during cleaning. Switching from paper towels to cloths can save you money and reduce paper waste. Swapping out harsh chemicals for homemade natural cleaners is kind on your wallet and your indoor air quality.
  8. Vacation at home. Instead of going on a road trip or booking a flight, why not transform an outdoor space into the perfect staycation spot? An enclosed patio space is ideal for relaxing or entertaining without increasing your carbon footprint.
  9. Use sun shades. Sun shades make your home more energy-efficient by reducing ambient heat from the sun.
  10. Use technology to cut your energy usage. Motorized shades let you close the blinds via a remote or your phone so you can reduce energy consumption. If you have a smart home, you can also shut off your lights with an app, even when you’re away from home.
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