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If you have an awning on your porch or deck, you’ll need to take maintenance measures to ensure it remains in good shape for as long as possible. Clean and inspect your awning regularly to ensure it remains safe for regular operation!
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Regular Maintenance Guidelines

As a general rule of thumb, if you have a canvas awning, you should maintain it every three months. If your yard is full of trees, you should do this more often.

You can clean your awning by wiping the debris off, which will likely require you to be on a ladder. Once the debris is gone, rinse the awning with a hose. Use a solution of laundry detergent and warm water or a commercial product for canvas, and apply it with a sponge or spray bottle.

Let the solution sit for a few minutes and scrub with a soft-bristle brush. Clean both sides of your awning, then rinse with water. Other tips to follow include:

  • Wiping down the frame every six months.
  • Removing debris monthly.
  • Trimming tree branches, shrubs and other plants that get close to the awning.
  • Avoiding retracting the awning when it is wet to reduce the risk of mold and mildew growth.
  • Inspecting moving parts monthly.

Remember to bring your awning in during bad weather, including high winds or heavy rain. Retracting your awning will help prevent major damage.

When to Contact a Professional

When to Contact a Professional

If you don’t feel comfortable using a ladder to clean your awning, you can opt for a professional service. Many companies can help you maintain your awning safely so you don’t have to get up there and try to maneuver your equipment.

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Whichever reason you don’t want to do maintenance yourself, working with an expert is an excellent choice to ensure your awning remains in good condition.

You’ll also want to call a pro if you notice something is wrong with your retractable awning. For example, if you see a problem with the fabric or arms or hear odd sounds when you open or close it, contact someone if you aren’t sure how to fix it yourself.

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