Exterior solar screens are becoming a must-have for the modern home. They can block up to 90% of the sun rays, lowering cooling expenses. Remember, these rays can do a number on your interior design scheme including significant furniture discoloration. If you want to make the most out of your exterior solar screens, use this guide to get started.

Consider Your Sun Shading Objectives in Advance

Make a well-rounded and sensible choice that pertains to exterior solar screens based on your top priorities. Your focus could be on creating a cooler interior space, minimizing energy bills, or privacy. Look for the option that best suits your priorities.

Consider Outward Visibility.

Natural lighting is a must for every living space in a home. Look for exterior solar screens that provide great interior cooling and transparency. Here at Shading Texas, we offer exterior solar screens that provide excellent sun protection and superior weather-resistant fabrics. Weigh the pros and cons of all of the exterior solar screens you find.

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Solar Screen Fabrics

Homeowners often forget to inspect the key element of solar screens. The fabric that makes solar screens work. Choosing the wrong solar screen can cause you unnecessary replacement expenses.

This is because solar screens are often sold with cheap, easily damageable fabrics that will become useless in no time. You want your solar screens to last throughout every season of a year to avoid any issues.

Look for the Highest Quality Screens for Great Benefits

Make a point to find exterior solar screens that mention specific highlights that pique your interest. Consider screens that primarily offer optimal UV defense. These kinds of screens are optimal for people who have concerns about furniture fading and beyond.

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