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A patio enclosure lets you enjoy the best the outdoors has to offer while blocking out pests and the harsh elements. Reclaim part of your yard, and enjoy the sun and fresh air without the bugs and sweltering heat. Patio enclosures come in many styles and vary in functionality, price, and appearance.

Glass or Screen Walls

One of the main considerations for your new space is its material. Choosing wall materials such as glass or screen can affect the look, cost, and usability of your new outdoor room.

The climate of your location is also an important factor in the type of material you choose. Glass panes create a solid barrier to the outdoors. They keep the wind out and give you more temperature control. A glass enclosure will be more expensive, but it may help you maximize the use of your enclosure if you live in an area that tends to be very hot or cold.

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Roof Options

A screened-in porch keeps you safe from bugs. Some screened enclosures have solid roofs that offer shade from the sun, while others feature screen roofs to allow the warmth of the sun to filter through. Those with screen roofs are usually pool enclosures intended to keep debris from trees and insects away from swimmers while allowing the sun to warm the pool.

Roof styles often depend on visual preference and budget considerations. A single-slope roof is attached to the house at its highest point and slopes downward. In part, this type of roof is popular because it is economical. It provides shade from the sun at an affordable price.

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A gable roof slopes down on either side of a high point in the middle. It is also known as an A-frame or pitched roof. Enclosures with these roofs have higher ceilings and space for a ceiling fan. Rooms with gable roofs are more expensive but may look more attractive with the style of your house.

Frame Material

Usually, aluminum or vinyl is used to create the bones of a patio enclosure. Aluminum is a strong material that often comes in several color choices, although it dents easily. And, if the paint is scratched, the metal shows through.

A vinyl frame is virtually maintenance-free — it resists dents, and scratches don’t show because the material is a solid color throughout.

The main concern over frame material is heat conductivity. Vinyl does not conduct heat or cold, so it will not affect room temperature. Aluminum conducts both indoor and outdoor heat, so it may be more difficult to control the climate in a patio enclosure made of this material.

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