how awnings and sunscreens affect the value of your home

A retractable awning increases your home’s living space, creating a comfortable, shaded zone where you can relax and enjoy the landscape. Similarly, sunscreens allow you to freely use the full extent of your home’s interior without abandoning rooms to the overwhelming heat of midday sun through bare windows.

Sunscreens protect your privacy and keep your home cooler while allowing some natural light to enter; this is important because you don’t want to spend the warmer seasons feeling like you live in a cave.

Increased Curb Appeal

Awnings add new depth and dimension to the appearance of your home, along with a touch of complementary color. When potential buyers see your house, they have an emotional response within the first few seconds.
Fresh awning fabric conveys the general impression of well-cared-for surfaces, and buyers carry this valuable sensation along with them as they enter your home during an open house.

Added Living Space

Forbes recommends “carving out space for front-yard living” if you’re looking to sell your house. The article explains that even space for a simple bench somewhere outside adds to the appeal of a house.

Your retractable awning creates a new, room-like area that the potential buyers can picture themselves enjoying on a nice day. Furthermore, awnings over patios and porches create well-defined indoor-outdoor spaces that expand the usable footprint of your home.

Energy Savings

HomeAdvisor states that awnings add to the value of your home because they “lower cooling costs and beautify the exterior of your home simultaneously.” Its article points out that adding fabric awnings to your home’s windows can lower your heating costs in summer by as much as 20 percent, capturing the interest of energy-savvy home shoppers.

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The U.S. Department of Energy notes awnings “block up to 90 percent of solar energy that is absorbed through windows,” according to an article in the Atlanta Citizen, and the American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning states they “reduce interior heat gain by up to 77 percent.”

If you’ve been wondering, “Do awnings increase your home value,” the answer is a resounding “Yes.” Now more than ever, energy efficiency is one of the top attributes home buyers are seeking. Retractable awnings and sunshades make your home more responsive, as well as more attractive, and bring you a great return on your investment.

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