How to Get Rid of Flies on Your Outdoor Patio

If you have flies swarming outside your house, you can use several methods to rid your space of these pests. Most strategies are relatively simple, like keeping your patio space clean. You can also look into natural bug repellents to discourage flies from coming nearby.

How to Get Rid of Flies on Your Outdoor Patio

Getting Rid of Flies on Your Patio

Nothing ruins an outdoor gathering quite as fast as flies swarming your picnic area and covering your food. Flies gathering on the patio aren’t just annoying but could also potentially turn into a health hazard. To keep your patio enclosure area free from these buzzing pests, try these tricks for getting rid of flies on the patio.

Keep Food Covered

Flies are notorious for crashing picnics and will want a taste of your grilled meats and sweet treats. When serving food on your patio, keep platters covered with mesh food screens. You can find inexpensive ones at your local party store, or you can make one yourself if you’re crafty.

Clean Up After Pets

Flies hover around animal droppings because they are attracted to strong smells. Reduce the odds that they will hover in your backyard by cleaning up after your dog on a daily basis. Use a plastic bag to pick up feces and tie it shut before dropping waste into a sealed garbage can.

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Cover Trash and Compost Bins

Rotting food in your trash cans or even an organic composter can attract flies. Keep these covered tightly and take the trash to the curb for pickup regularly. A closed composter will also keep insects at bay while allowing you to recycle food scraps and grass clippings. If you prefer to maintain a compost pile instead, add a layer of dried leaves or straw to cover wet waste like food scraps to deter flies.

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Use Fly Bait or Traps

Use Fly Bait or Traps

If you want flies gone for good, the best means is using traps or fly bait. Pine oil cleaner is one of the best fly repellents for your patio. Flies hate the odor of pine, so they’ll stay away if you use it to clean your patio space. If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, you can use fly bait or sticky traps to lure and kill the bugs.

Remove Standing Water

Flies are attracted to standing water around your property. Remove buckets or birdbaths that hold stagnant water after rainfall and check for debris that holds hidden puddles. Getting rid of these water sources can keep flies from multiplying.

Plant Fly-Repelling Herbs

Decorate your patio area with potted plants and keep flies away at the same time by choosing varieties known to repel these pesty insects. Basil, bay laurel, mint and lavender are all fragrant and can also be used to spice up your recipes. Wormwood, tansy, rue and citronella grass are good choices for planting beds near your patio as well. If you’re wondering how to naturally get rid of flies on your patio, starting an herb garden is a great way to do so.

Make All-Natural Fly Repellent

Flies dislike the smell of cloves. Use this to your advantage by making some decorative fly repellents for your patio. To make a pomander, press the sharp end of whole cloves into an apple or orange. Place a few around your patio furniture and flies should leave you alone. Both of these methods create a natural fly deterrent for the patio or indoors.

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Replace Your Lightbulbs

Flies love to swarm near UV lights. That’s why electric traps often use UV light to attract them. Many lightbulbs also emit low frequencies of UV light, so even if you don’t have a UV trap, flies frequently swarm your patio lights. To discourage flies from coming near, replace UV-emitting lights with soft yellow bulbs, which are less likely to attract flies.

Use Citronella-Infused Incense and Candles

Citronella essential oil is one of the most effective natural repellents for flies and other bugs. Another plus side of citronella is that it emits a pleasant lemony scent, so you can leave it around your patio space while you’re outside. If you plan to host guests on your patio, using citronella candles or burning incense can create a pleasant atmosphere for guests while chasing flies away.

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Use A Vinegar Trap

You might have heard that it’s possible to get rid of flies outside with vinegar. Vinegar works well for fruit flies — especially vinegar with a sweeter smell, like apple cider vinegar. Add dish soap to a cup of vinegar to create your trap. Put it on your patio and the vinegar will attract fruit flies while the soap traps them on the surface, preventing them from bothering you.

Enclose Your Patio

When you keep your yard neat and follow a few simple tips for getting rid of flies, you can enjoy your patio with your friends and family – without any unwanted pests to ruin your fun. And, if you’re looking for a perfect outdoor experience, contact Shading Texas for a free consultation on a patio enclosure for your home.