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Solar screens work by attaching to your window frame to block direct sunlight from entering and heating up your space. These are particularly helpful in the spring or summer when the sun is at its hottest. Solar screens can block up to 90% of heat before it reaches your windows.

Shading Texas has various solar screens to help you find the perfect fit for your home or business.

Advantages of Solar Screens

In addition to blocking UV rays, solar screens can benefit any space because they are:

  • Easy to install and remove: Solar screens can easily pop in your windows, whether for your office, home or sunroom. When summer is over, they are simple to pop out and store for future use. You can also opt to keep them installed all year round.
  • Private: Because they are tinted, solar screens allow you to see out without anyone being able to see in. This allows for ultimate privacy from neighbors, especially if you live on a busy street or your backyard directly faces another house.
  • Inexpensive: Even if you have uniquely shaped windows, solar screens are an inexpensive option to add to your home. While affordable, solar screens are durable and built as an investment that will last you a long time. Shading Texas even offers a five-year warranty on your solar screens.
  • Energy-efficient: Solar screens can ultimately save you money on air conditioning costs in the summer. Reducing the amount of sun that comes into your home lowers the overall heat transfer, allowing your air conditioning to work much less to reach your desired temperature.
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Motorized Outdoor Solar Screens From Shading Texas

Shading Texas is committed to making your life more comfortable. Our solar screens are built for durability and longevity. We also have patio screens in various materials to ensure you get the exact design and UV coverage you prefer.

Taking ease and convenience a step further, Shading Texas offers motorized solar screens for easy retracting during cooler months. Use a remote control or the connected smartphone app to move them up or down. They can also be synced with your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant devices to control them with voice activation.

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Living in Texas, you know how hot the summer sun can be. Protect your home or patio and save on energy costs with our solar screens. Contact us online to schedule your free solar screen consult today.

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