feet over the pool with sunscreen

How Does the Sun Damage Your Skin?

The sun is a constant source of ultraviolet light that bombards your skin and is either reflected or absorbed. Bits of ultraviolet light, or UV rays that are reflected cannot harm your skin. However, any UV rays that are absorbed by your skin can cause a reaction in your body that leads to semi-permanent or permanent damage.

Making all-natural insect repellent

How to Make All-Natural Fly Repellent

Nothing beats relaxing in your backyard under the cover of an awning — until the flies take over. Soon, no amount of swishing and swatting keeps them from landing on you, your book or your food. Apart from being a nuisance, flies can also carry bacteria and other pathogens. Instead of whipping out the chemicals, keep yourself safe and keep flies at bay with all-natural fly repellents that use essential oils.