How to Cool Down a Room Without AC

How to Cool Down a Room Without AC

November 9, 2020
woman on computer in house

No matter the season, it can be brutally hot in Texas, with temperatures soaring to triple digits in the summer and even winters often getting warm enough to break a sweat. If you lack air conditioning, you need to figure out how to cool down a room fast without AC. Use our eight tips to help […]

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Types of Patio Screens: Everything You Need to Know

October 19, 2020
inside a sunroom

Whether you want to reduce the amount of Texas sunlight in your home or are trying to keep fire ants and other regional insects out, there are many types of patio screens you can consider for the outside of your home. Patio Screens by Material Often, patio screen types are classified by what the screens […]

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Awnings & Shades for Tiny Homes

February 24, 2020
interior tiny home

Discover Attractive Awnings And Shades For Tiny Homes in Central Texas Today, as the popularity of “tiny homes” increases in many areas, homeowners may wonder if awnings and shades are appropriate for these specialized dwellings. Patio Enclosures For Tiny Homes Customized fiberglass mesh patio enclosures made of Mermet® Screens are perfect options for tiny homes. […]

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Common Insect-borne Diseases

January 31, 2020
insect screen door

You may ignore the importance of insect screens, but these devices are essential in developing countries where insect-borne diseases are common. Some of the most common diseases include malaria, yellow fever or West Nile fever. Most insect-borne diseases are transmitted by mosquitoes, but there are conditions that are transmitted by other flying insects. In developing […]

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What to Look for in Exterior Solar Screens

October 24, 2019
Patio Shades

Exterior solar screens are becoming a must-have for the modern home. They can block up to 90% of the sun rays, lowering cooling expenses. Remember, these rays can do a number on your interior design scheme including significant furniture discoloration. If you want to make the most out of your exterior solar screens, use this […]

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How to Measure Windows Properly

March 4, 2019
how to measure windows

Let’s say you’re looking to improve the state of your windows by adding some new blinds or shades. Stylistic and functional choices are going to be important, but you also need to make sure that you are working with the correct dimensions. You don’t want to bring home your new blinds or shades, just to […]

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How to Darken Your Room With Blackout Shades

December 17, 2018
blackout curtains

Uninterrupted sleep is a key ingredient in good health. The key to good sleep is keeping in a room that is as dark as possible. Unfortunately, poor sleep is a hallmark of a generation where everyone is glued to their smartphones. Fortunately, you can drastically improve the quality of your sleep literally overnight by making […]

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How to Cover Glass Doors for Privacy

November 7, 2017
glass doors covered by curtains

Glass doors are a great way to enhance the beauty of your home. While glass doors can let in additional light and create an open feel in a home, there can be significant privacy concerns with these types of doors. The following guide provides simple tips and tricks on how to cover glass doors for […]

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Fall Cleaning Tips for Your Patio

September 11, 2017
awning overlooking a lake during fall

Shades, awnings, & patio furniture need protection from winter elements such as snow, ice, and cold. If you follow a few fall cleaning tips, you can preserve your patio shades and furniture for next summer. Inspect the structure of the shades and awnings Clean awnings and shades Dry awnings and shades Make necessary repairs Store […]

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How Does the Sun Damage Your Skin?

May 31, 2017
feet over the pool with sunscreen

The sun is a constant source of ultraviolet light that bombards your skin and is either reflected or absorbed. Bits of ultraviolet light, or UV rays that are reflected cannot harm your skin. However, any UV rays that are absorbed by your skin can cause a reaction in your body that leads to semi-permanent or […]

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